D O C U M E N T 1 9 1 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 4 1 9 1
main thing. The idea that I am grappling with concerns understanding quantum
facts, which means: overdetermination of the laws through more differential equa-
tions than field variables. Thus the non-arbitrariness of the initial conditions should
be included without leaving field theory. This path could be entirely wrong, of
course, but it must be attempted and is in any case logically possible. The equation
of motion of mass points (electrons) is completely abandoned; the motor behavior
of the latter should also be defined by the field laws. I will send you the preliminary
paper as soon as it’s
The mathematics is enormously difficult; the link
with what can be experienced is unfortunately becoming more and more indirect.
But it is nonetheless a logical possibility, in order to do justice to reality without
sacrificium intellectus.
I am delighted with what you tell me about Vero and the little
If you
can’t pass any prepared worldly wisdom on to the latter, that doesn’t matter—he’ll
wisely not let himself be guided by it anyway. Reason is powerless against instinct,
you know; indeed, it is even lame if it isn’t driven by animal will.
The political situation doesn’t look encouraging—the Prussians have only ex-
changed their flesh with others, so to speak.
In any event, I’m glad that I didn’t take the bait on that League of Nations swin-
dle because it would be a waste of time and
The sole good, which it
shares with all hypocrisy, is to be a compliment by vice to virtue, but no more.
Warm regards to all of you and a happy 1924, yours,
has become an able, solid fellow.
wrote me that
among all his classmates, he had the best examination. He is a well-rounded man,
an excellent sailor, modest, and reliable.
191. To Frieda Huber
[Berlin,] 5 January 1924
Dear little Nurse!
I cannot tell you how very happy I was with your clever shipment—a brilliant
victory of female cunning that is guided not by selfish feelings but by the need to
spread joy. The coconut was so well sealed that I myself first had to study it, despite
the instructions by letter. I discovered the dainty pipe only yesterday; it had re-
mained hidden in the tobacco that I had poured out into the tobacco jar. When I put
my hand inside to grasp some, to my amazement I suddenly felt a hard object…
At home everything is going along in the old, calm way, as one would scarcely
imagine in this country from outside. One has even long since become accustomed
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