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246. From Heinrich Zangger
[Zurich, 12 May
Dear friend Einstein,
So, you are not coming in
Bjerrum is a very fine, cautious, honest mind,
being that way because hardly ambitious. Fajans is a somewhat more brutal go-
getter; Eucken distinguished but a little lackluster (he also doesn’t look well).
Perrin was very agile, comprehensible, and naive, but also rigorous in thinking
within the limits and an
You would have enjoyed them, too. Pity that you were not here. I only attended
the lectures. I was busy every night. Think of it: Bellinzona, the 1,000 inquiries, the
commissions by the Federal Council, Departement, Tessin Government,
Now to the house purchase: Location. Type of Construction. Partitioning: much
better than the prior ones.—Hence, resellable almost anytime—but relatively ex-
pensive; nevertheless, a rare opportunity, owing to location and because the man
absolutely needs 40,000
But yield not large. (If maintenance, water rate,
disposal, taxes, and apartment are deducted and the capital calculated at 6%, also
their own (40,000), then there’s much more)
But for the next 10 years, until Teddy is finished with school, this would be an
option. (Present apartment is not very healthy.) Without major
Advantages: Healthy apartment especially for the small boy for the next 10
years. Without great risks, and the financial backers are obligating themselves to
nontermination for 5–10 years. The boys, that is, the
are learning
how to think about real facts, which is also worth something. (—A possible loss of
10,000 francs, if the sale were to take place during a crisis period, would perhaps
not even be too much to pay for that experience.) Free apartment; healthiest living
for all, esp. for the little one, during the crit[ically] important period of 14–22 years
of age (based on the past).
Drawback: Commitment of the money
A small risk of loss
The “stupidity” being roughly of the same size as when I bought my house from
I don’t regret it.
When will one see you again?
and master of one’s own house.
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