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work as possible. I consider the creation of a general Jewish board for the university
as a whole, and separate expert bodies for the management of the individual insti-
tutes, as a plan quite appropriate for present conditions because, as I hope, it will
be possible to secure public trust in the institution by this route and to make the in-
tellectuals in the Diaspora fruitful for its development. Based on the impressions I
gained during my sojourn in Palestine, I don’t think it would be at all advisable to
centralize the leadership in Palestine now
I hope it will be possible to
find a way to assure active participation among all circles of the Diaspora interested
in this project and, on the other hand, to guarantee the Jewish community in Pales-
tine a measure of collaboration and responsibility corresponding to its growing im-
With best wishes for the success of this project, I am yours,
A. Einstein.
452. From Hendrik A. Lorentz
Haarlem, 2 March 1925
Dear Colleague,
In your kind letter, just now
there is one point about which I must
answer you immediately. But let me first say that I sent the arguments that we dis-
cussed here to Mrs. Curie on the day of your
After some time she de-
clared that she was entirely of our opinion and would communicate the note to
Messrs. Bergson and
I, for my part, wrote to
perhaps he
can still answer me before the Paris
I am very sorry that we shall have to miss you due to the long delay, since it
would have been highly valuable to the good cause if you had been able to present
your opinion personally. But none of that can be changed now; and I am very
pleased that you have allowed me to represent you somewhat. I shall do so during
the discussions about the application of the funds and the organization of the insti-
tute to the best of my ability.
Concerning one point—and this is what mainly prompts me to write you at
once—I must ask you not to delegate me. According to your conviction, it would
not be in the interest of the institute if a Frenchman became its director. To this I
would like to comment that it seems completely excluded that the choice would fall
on any one other than Mr. Luchaire. The French government has given every guar-
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