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and its constant, on the basis of loose light
Derivation elegant, but the es-
sence remains obscure. I applied his theory to an ideal
Strict theory of “de-
generacy.” No zero-point energy and on top no energy
God knows
whether it’s like that. The theory renders no account of a deviation by the substanc-
es from the principle of corresponding states. The rumor is out that Kamerlingh
Onnes found a transition resistance between two superconductors of differing
Is this true? Then those “chains” would probably be revived
Bergson clumsily poked into the relativists’ wasps’ nest; that was impru-
dent of him; he’s going to have to uselessly spatter his elegant
Greetings to all of you. Have lots of fun on your vacation. Yours,
286. To Chaim Weizmann
[Berlin,] 16 July 1924
Dear Mr. Weizmann,
Unfortunately, it is completely impossible for me to travel to London now be-
cause I definitely must go to Geneva for a meeting of a committee of the League of
In London,
with whom I spoke at length, will be able to rep-
resent me officially. Furthermore, I spoke with Mr.
and saw that I agreed
with him about the essentials.
[1)] Board of trustees for the university, roughly half and half scholars and ad-
ministrative men. National committees with only an advisory voice. No overly
strong representation of political agencies on the board of trustees. Resolution right
of board-of-trustees members on site in Palestine concerning minor matters (to be
defined to some extent), to avoid
Concessions to American
only in accordance with the terms and for the duration of their service.
Self-completion of the board of trustees (not more than 10 members);
(Utrecht) and
on the board of trustees.
I am very sorry that I cannot be there, but do request a written report on the main
results of the meetings so that, if need be, I can comment on them soon by letter, if
it seems to me absolutely necessary.
Cordial regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
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