D O C U M E N T S 4 5 , 4 6 M A Y 1 9 2 3 4 3
Let us speak about everything else in person. Thanking you very much for your
friendly words regarding Campbell’s
I am sincerely yours,
A. Einstein.
45. To Hermann Weyl
[Berlin,] 26 May 1923
Dear Mr. Weyl,
I shall soon be sending back to you the correction proofs of the paper with the
generalized Hamiltonian
Your new thought is
On the
whole, a quite resigned mood has come over me concerning the entire problem.
Mathematics is fine and good, but Nature is leading us about by the nose. And be-
sides, there is something amusing about it. I wanted to distance myself from you
and—apart from the sign of the “cosmological” terms—have arrived at the same
equation as you with your special principle of action. I wanted to discard the po-
tential , but it comes back in through the rear door. The entire thought has to be
worked through and is strangely beautiful; but above it stands the marble smile of
merciless Nature, who has given us more longing than intellect.
Cordial regards from your
A. Einstein.
46. From Mileva Einstein-Maric
Zurich, 26 May 1923
Dear Albert,
Your letter was greatly delayed in reaching my hands because it first had to go
from Berlin to Leyden in order to be readdressed by Mr.
I also had to
inquire about the taxes; that’s why I’m only writing today.
The capital tax amounts to about Fr 350 for every Fr 100,000, thus it is not ex-
cessive and I cannot accept it as a reason for the money not being deposited in my
name. Also, I definitely cannot understand why it shouldn’t be invested here but
If I knew it was here I would feel more at ease and secure about myself
and the children. You do know very well that my biggest worry is that the children
have nothing from you personally. I’d be more at peace if at least in material
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