D O C U M E N T 2 4 5 M A Y 1 9 2 4 2 4 1
245. To Mileva Einstein-Maric
Kiel, 12 May 1924
Dear Mileva,
I have always been in favor of your buying a
I can’t judge the matter so
well myself, and never was one for lots of questions. If
supports the mat-
ter, however, then do go ahead and buy the house; I herewith give you my approval.
Zangger doesn’t need to write me about it at all anymore. The
are cer-
tainly going to learn much from it and experiences are generally worth a lot.
My unfriendliness during the summer arose because I was offended by your and
Albert’s letter. But I now have the impression that I was wrong insofar as no un-
friendly sentiment lay behind
From far away everything always looks different
and then rancor easily enters into the most harmless of affairs through misunder-
standing. I want to come to Zurich once in the foreseeable future, and let’s let all
bygones, to the extent that they were bad, be
You don’t need to fret like
that all the time, either; rather be glad about the good things that life has brought
you, e.g., the splendid children, the house, and that you—aren’t married to me any-
Anschütz wants to turn his factory over to Albert one
I have a great opin-
ion of the future of this firm and believe that Albert would be very qualified for that:
I deem it right to inform you of this so that you can discuss it calmly with Albert.
But you shouldn’t write to Mr. Anschütz about this; rather, let’s discuss it calmly
together when I come to Zurich. There’s no rush about reaching a decision anyway.
But if this possibility will be taken into consideration at all seriously, it should be
taken into some account as regards Albert’s
Warm regards to all three of you, from your
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