D O C U M E N T S 4 7 6 , 4 7 7 A P R I L 1 9 2 5 4 7 5
475. Lecture Notes
[Buenos Aires, ca. 18 April
[Not selected for translation.]
476. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein
Buenos Aires, 23 April 1925
Dear Boys,
I’ve been in Buenos Aires for almost one month now and had an enormously
strenuous existence; I was also in Cordoba (have a look at it on the card!) Now it’s
still onwards to Montevideo and Rio. End of May I’m coming home again. I would
so much have liked to take one of you along, had school allowed. But rarely can
one do as one pleases; one’s always obligated. I’m sending along a couple of pretty
postage stamps and will see that I get a few cacti in Rio for
As for me
personally, I found an interesting idea for understanding the connection between
electricity and
I’m already looking forward to our being together
during the summer. In addition to going to
I also have to go into high alti-
tude because the doctor absolutely demands it; I don’t yet know when that will be,
Write to me in Berlin. I’d be so happy to find a letter there from both of
Warm regards from your
477. To Elsa and Margot Einstein
Buenos Aires, 23 April 1925
My Dears,
Now the program in Buenos Aires is exhausted, but so am I. This evening it’s
onwards to Montevideo. Without the
I couldn’t have made it but
would have been devoured instead by sheer love. I’m earning over 20 M. in Mon-
tevideo and Rio, hence, very
But I’ll never do such a thing again. It’s
such a hard slog. But I did stay completely healthy in the process, I just got a bit—
fat. I received lovely letters from you and Rudilse and was delighted, most partic-
ularly with
I’m making this letter brief; and you’ll have to console
yourselves with the
because I don’t have any time to narrate. Our Jews are
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