D O C U M E N T S 3 3 3 3 3 5 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 4 3 3 9
333. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] Thursday [9 October 1924]
Dear Else,
already has a bad conscience on my behalf because I still haven’t
written. But all’s well. Caesar and Mathilde were very
They claimed not
to have known anything about your adventure that was supposed to have brought
you into discredit. Then I came here via Utrecht. We’re industrious and conducting
experiments. Best regards to all of you from your
334. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] Friday [10 October 1924]
Dear Else,
It’s not true that I said that I’m going to
It’s also not true that I was
mistaken in my paper that I had based upon Bose’s. Ehrenfest is only faulting a nu-
ance; Laue, nothing at
A pity that the matter with Maja is going
didn’t you send a telegram? K. has spoken with B. N. and has cautioned
forgot to take along the documentation for
He’ll just have to wait if he
wants to get something. I’m working experimentally while here.
Best regards from your
335. To Betty Neumann
[Leyden, 10 October 1924]
Motto: On the roof sits an old man
Who’s doesn’t quite know what to do
Dear Betty,
It’s bitter enough for me, as it is, that I must let my favorite little toy be taken
away from me and that I should restrict myself to thinking and furrowing my brow.
But this is what’s going on inside of me:
First voice: You’re a rotten fellow that for your pleasure you gamble with a
young creature’s future. How is she supposed to come to like another if she hangs
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