D O C U M E N T 3 4 9 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 4 3 4 9
I’m unfortunately not going to be coming to Switzerland so much because the
d[amned] L[eague of] N[ations] ratified the institute in
so I fear that we’re
going to be having all or most of the meetings over there. Write to Anschütz (5 Leo-
pold St., Munich) that you want to do your practical training in his factory (this
—if you’ve decided to do that. It will please him. I’m feeling fine. I
apologized for Mama to
There’s a lot of work here. Piccard, who used
to be in Zurich and is now in Brussels, will be doing electr. experiments for me that
are connected with the terrestrial magnetism
Greetings to all three of
from your
Write to Frank, asking that he please send me a few pictures, too; he can enclose
them with yours, you know, if that’s more convenient for him.
349. To Paul Langevin
Berlin, 27 October 1924
Dear Langevin,
There is no one it is harder for me to say “no” to than to
But this time I
cannot do otherwise. I came back from Leyden the day before yesterday and have
to give my lecture course here. Much to my regret, I therefore cannot come to Paris
It was kind of you, and “genuine Langevin,” to have taken Mr. Gumbel under
That man deserves it, too, and will be able to perform good services
yet for the cause of international integration. One will also always have to think of
him whenever issues of Germany/League of Nations are involved. Thank God, the
conviction seems to be gaining ground here that Germany must join the League of
I am also very pleased that you found Mr. Bose, whom I met in Lucerne,
I am sorry that the Parisian institute has been attached so directly to our
even though the conviction already prevailed within our committee
that in wider circles this would shake the confidence in the committee’s objectivity.
I hope this mistake won’t have very serious consequences.
Cordial regards and in hope of seeing you soon, yours,
A. Einstein.
Best regards to your family and Mrs.
Read Bose’s derivation of Planck’s formula (Zeitschr. f.
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