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influence of the Jewish spirit on occidental music. On the other hand, however, one
would be depriving those nations, which regard it as part of their national musical
heritage, of the value that the artistic world attaches to those Jewish creations,
which taken together nevertheless do not yield Jewish music. Bizet would then not
be a French composer anymore (along with his influence on French music?), and
yet he wouldn’t be a Jewish composer
May I honestly tell you, now, that the subject of this letter did not seem suffi-
ciently important to me to bother a man of your stature, had it not provided an ex-
cuse to fulfill a long-cherished wish of mine: I have been striving to come into con-
tact with you for a long while, for the reason stated ¢later² in what follows, but had
not managed before now.
Let me just briefly say why:
I would very much like to speak with you about the question of establishing a
Jewish state. I differ on many points from the Zionist propaganda, without failing
to appreciate its value. In the 2nd issue of the brochure Pro Zion, published by
Seiden, I expressed myself, in response to questions posed to me in a way that the
superficial reader will probably interpret as outright
In reality, though,
quite a few other things lie behind it as well. I would like to discuss with you these
things in particular. Could you give me a rendez-vous? I should be coming to Ger-
many once over the course of the next few months. If you were willing to give me
a hearing, I would be very grateful to you.
I hope to receive a friendly reply from you soon and will under all circumstances
treat it with the esteem due to a man like you.
In the meantime, I give my compliments in utmost respect and devotion, [yours,]
411. To the Allgemeine Zeitung
Berlin, 2 January 1925
As an art-loving person, I fully appreciate your concerns; but I cannot refrain
from timidly expressing my opinion that a Christian painter (the best of the four-
teenth century) would have more ability and more competence to express a decisive
word on this important matter than a Jewish physicist (of today). In therefore wish-
ing you full success in your quest to preserve the exalted values of art, I also request
at the same time that you please not interpret my silence as a lack of interest.
In utmost respect.
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