3 5 6 D O C U M E N T S 3 6 0 , 3 6 2 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 4
360. To Robert A. Millikan
Berlin, 3 November 1924
Dear Mr. Millikan,
Your kind invitation to Mount Wilson for exclusively scientific purposes and
without special teaching obligations pleases me very
To my great regret,
I cannot come during the year 1925 because I have started a course here and be-
cause I promised to travel to Buenos Aires in
From 1 January 1926 on-
ward, however, I am ready to come and visit you at any time you like. The sole wish
I would like to express is this: just that you inform me as soon as possible when I
should come.
With best regards to you, your
and our scientist friends there, yours.
A. Einstein.
361. To Heike Kamerlingh Onnes
[Berlin,] 4 November 1924
[Not selected for translation.]
362. From James Franck
Göttingen, 9 Bunsen St., 4 November 1924
Dear Einstein,
As you know, I tried to procure an assistant for old Papa Warburg from the Elec-
trophysics Committee and, judging from everything I discussed with the relevant
gentlemen, I believe that the application definitely will be
In any
event, Dr.
(a student of mine) already took up his post on November 1, and
the devil must have his hand in it if any other difficulties arise. But now Papa War-
burg writes me in the enclosed letter that he would very much like to have operating
funds of ca. 500.– marks, and I think, based on prior experience, that our friend
would break his neck in order to prevent that. That is why I drafted the
plan to bless the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics with this business and inquire
whether you or v.
have the means to place the relevant sum at Papa War-
burg’s disposal? I am writing to you instead of to Laue because I know of your high
regard for Papa Warburg, and I hope therefore that you won’t forget the matter. If
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