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306. To Elsa and Margot Einstein
Benzingen, 19 August [1924]
My Dears,
Now I’m here with Mr.
I’m glad that I went to see him because I
do get along with him so well. In L. it wasn’t quite so relaxing for me, even though
my friendship with A. is
doesn’t really like me, nor do I
quite like her. My
are exceptional, though. They’re getting a bicycle from
me that they are wishing for very much. I had a wonderful scientific idea that can
be experimentally
Hopefully, Ilse is better
Have a very good
vacation and don’t shiver too much. Over here, at least, it’s already chilly and au-
I immediately wrote to Russia to
particularly considering that I have
to go to Lucerne. I haven’t started the sermon yet; but it’s making itself felt in my
Warm regards to all, from your
307. To Maurice Solovine
26 August [1924]
Dear Solo,
You needn’t send me any correction proofs. Gauthier Vill[ars] can simply send
the money to my Berlin address (5 Haberland St.). You’ll find some biographical
palaver about me in Moszkowski’s (+) book (Einstein…)—horribile dic tu (i.e., it
shouldn’t be thought of) (F[ontane] publ.,
Warm regards from your
A. Einstein.
308. From Otto Halpern
Vienna, 26 August 1924
Highly esteemed Professor,
As I unfortunately had to gather from your postcard, for which I thank you most
kindly, I have surely been misunderstood and would therefore like to present in the
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