2 6 2 D O C U M E N T 2 7 3 J U N E 1 9 2 4
yet, either, but in good condition. I wish you luck with it and all the required
tenants, who will pay and not bother you more than you bother them. I’m very
much looking forward to seeing it myself as well, especially considering that its
possession is the visible outcome of my
I probably won’t be coming until September, because I have to be in Switzerland
then anyway to lecture in
I have now rejoined again—the League of Na-
tions committee, after all, so I’ll have to come to Switzerland a couple of times ev-
I’m thinking we should do it this way: In July you, dear Mileva, go on
a cure with Tete, and Albert does his surveying
At the beginning of Au-
gust the boys and I go together to Lautrach. Anschütz desires this very much and
does like the boys a
lot.[6] Sommerfeld[7]
won’t be invited at that time then, so it’ll
be very relaxed. There aren’t going to be any difficulties with the passports; and the
travel fares to Lautrach are also insignificant. Whether I can go with you to Kiel
this year, dear Albert, I don’t yet know; but it would be the greatest delight for me.
If only Tete could also come for once.
I’m glad that you, dear Albert, are enjoying your subject so
would gladly see you as his successor; but far be it from me to try to exert any in-
fluence on you. Each has to take these most important decisions in life on his own.
But both of you should come to Lautrach at the beginning of August, if at all pos-
sible. Write me immediately whether yes or no, so that I can write to Anschütz
about it, who has to know because of the arrangements.
Fond greetings from your
273. To Pierre Comert
[Berlin,] 25 June 1924
Dear Mr. Comert,
I heartily thank you for your telegram and for your friendly letter. It is a good
sign of the liberal and generous attitude of the men of the League of Nations that
they have reelected me after my harsh renunciation in the previous
positively European conditions have changed since then! Everywhere hope and
good will. Only here at home the ice has not yet melted, and that is now what
should be the goal. I enclose herewith the requested statement for the American
press in the form of a
If you would prefer a different text, I shall be glad to
accept modifications: in that case, please send me an altered draft.
Until we meet again at the end of
cordial greetings from your
A. Einstein.
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