2 3 6 D O C U M E N T 2 3 9 A P R I L 1 9 2 4
(But maybe a fibrous structure exists for natural salt, due to pressure, shifting,
shear: In certain directions they are 3 times more resistant.)
II. Underwater, the tear resistance values are sub-
stantially higher. (Whether there the surfaces get new
layers, or whether the cracks are filled up capillarily
and the tips of the cracks with the spots of maximal
tension are augmented still has to be examined; surely
possible or partly possible.)
III. The differences are too large, too systematic
but linked to certain crystalline axis orientations. (Perhaps—what I had always sus-
pected—linked to a definite past.)
Pursuant to the calculations with the lattice constant, one would arrive at a ten-
sile strength at which the extrapolated curve for very small diameters aims. (Ac-
cording to the calculation, the elongation at break would be at a stretching of 14–
15%, according to
Crystals ¢insofar as they have the time to² have always interested me, you know
that; now I am passionate about these questions. I see a way out for me here, like
you into quanta.
239. To Maja Winteler-Einstein
[Berlin, between 25 and 30 April
Dear Maja,
You are entirely right to be dissatisfied with my diligence in writing. But my bad
conscience tends not to be strong enough to let good intentions become deeds.
That’s the way it goes not just with letter writing but also, e.g., with my visit to
It certainly is true that my health has suffered somewhat, which I gave as
the reason for my
But much stronger was the distaste for official events
with many people, at which I have to let myself be gawked at like some sort of prize
ox. I’m sorry that we therefore can’t see each other for the time being. But I am
glad to hear from you that, by your own efforts, you have set up an idyllic existence
for yourselves with the garden, sunshine, and chickens. Things have calmed down
for me, too, at least on the outside. But the devil of physics has grabbed me by the
and is teasing me by tantalizing me with the fata morgana of an imminent
solution to my problem, only to stick out its tongue at me again after a
Thursday I’ll be going to Kiel for a few weeks into my retreat in order to do a bit
of technical work and to—go
Ilse has married a very nice man, who be-
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