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from last
Those memories rob me of all courage. And even if I may think
that all of that was fate or destiny, I do still feel so very deeply sorry that it had to
be you, of all people, who brought it about.
Do you know that Albert recently turned 20 years of
We celebrated that
day in a simple way with a few of our friends here. It’s already been 20 years, and
yet that time when he arrived so tiny in our home is still so vivid to me.
Please report to us about what should happen with the vacation. Tete should do
something for his health; and if you aren’t coming, I’ll go to the mountains with
him. He is now at a vulnerable age where we have to be very careful.
With friendly regards,
268. From Chaim Weizmann
77 Great Russell Street, London W.C.1, 10 June 1924
My dear Friend,
I would have a series of questions to write to you about in connection with the
but as I hope to have an opportunity to see you, I prefer to discuss
these questions with you in person. We are planning to convene a conference in
London on 13 July with the participation of representatives from Palestine, Germa-
ny, England, and America, which is supposed to deal mainly with the issue of the
For this discussion, which is anticipated to last just a short
while, to run its course well, it would be of the utmost importance if you, dear
friend, also took part in it. At this occasion we could also clarify the problems con-
cerning the other
—As you may be well aware, the formal inauguration
of the university was postponed to after
when the work in all the de-
partments, some of which are starting in October, is in full progress; the projects at
the institute for microbiology and chemistry have already been put into action.
It would give me extraordinary pleasure to be able to welcome you here, and I
hope that you will find the means to attend this planned conference. I would be
much obliged to you if you would inform me whether and when you would be in a
position to come.
With friendly greetings, yours,
Ch. Weizmann.
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