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422. Statement for Letters from Russian Prisons[1]
[ca. 16 January 1925]
[Not selected for translation.]
423. Introductory Letter to Letters from Russian Prisons
[Einstein 1925s]
Dated ca. 16 January 1925
Published after 29 July 1925
In: Letters from Russian Prisons, Consisting of Reprints of Documents by Political
Prisoners in Soviet Prisons, Prison Camps and Exile, and Reprints of Affidavits
Concerning Political Persecution in Soviet Russia, Official Statements by Soviet
Authorities, Excerpts from Soviet Laws Pertaining to Civil Liberties, and Other Documents.
With Introductory Letters by Twenty-Two Well-Known European and American Authors
[Alexander Berkman, ed.]. Published for The International Committee for Political
Prisoners. New York: A. & C. Boni, 1925, p. 7.
[See documentary edition for English text.]
424. To Otto Blumenthal
[Berlin,] 20 January 1925

I just received a rabid letter from Munich, in which protest is made against par-
ticipation by the French in the
Now that we have taken this step, it
cannot be revoked under any circumstance. I, at least, would definitely not go along
with it.
has long since made amends with his present attitude, which has
persisted for years already. Who is the author of that letter, I
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