3 6 8 D O C U M E N T 3 8 2 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 4
of it out of my own pocket.) In the enclosed please find the support proposals for
seven individual cases, for which we are indebted to Mr.
In this regard
I join Mrs. Ehrenfest in her proposal, including the suggestion to exceed the given
sum in cases 2 and 7, taking into account that those concerned must provide for
many (I am thinking of about 30% in excess). I concur, likewise, that 5,000 marks
be given to the academic group in Estonia in a way that the details of the money’s
use, i.e., distribution, be left to those
This ought to be possible, as it
seems to involve a closed organization. If you know their address, no obstacle
stands in the way of an immediate remittance of the money; otherwise, I ask you
please to wait for the precise address. As you may gather from Mrs. Ehrenfest’s let-
ter, the information on the Yugoslavian group is tardy through no fault of our
I am now in agreement that something should be sent there after all. In my
view, we just shouldn’t support organizations with an especially clear political
agenda, as this could rightly be interpreted as interference in the political struggle.
We, naturally, have no business inquiring into the persuasions of someone whom
we are supporting as an individual.
Now I still intend to work toward obtaining material from Vienna. May I ask you
to send the enclosed letters by Mr. Fedoroff and Mrs. Ehrenfest back to me after
and I very respectfully sign as yours,
P. S. In the event that some money remains after the settlement of the mentioned
accounts, it would seem in the
and my own opinion most appropriate
to give this remainder to the Russian academy here, as the situation of its professors
is deplorable.
381. To Angus P. Stevens[1]
[Berlin,] 27 November 1924
[Not selected for translation.]
382. From Eduard Einstein
[Zurich, before 28 November
Dear Papa,
A few days ago I was hugely delighted. Every year a Swiss calendar organizes
a contest, among other things for drawing. So I sent in a drawing, some heads out
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