4 1 0 D O C U M E N T 4 1 7 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 5
naturally objected that one should not throw all events of an international character
into the same pot. It is clear that a resumption of normal relations could never come
about, given the following situation: Let there be n mutually independent events
that have excluded Germans and function independently of each other. If every ef-
fort at closer contact by one of them is now repulsed with reference to the behavior
of the rest, then one’s conduct perpetuates this state forever.
Despite the faulty logic of this justification, I considered it not right to importune
him further. The guiding mood is primary and the reason, secondary—and ex-
changeable. I assess Planck’s real situation thus: he himself would actually like to
do it, but his affiliation with his ¢social² community does not allow him to do so.
The political events of past weeks, which have triggered great bitterness
idently tipped the balance on his decision. How firm his resolve is you can best see
in that he explicitly instructed me not to write to him about this matter.
I am quite sad about the outcome of this affair. The epidemic sickness of Euro-
peans is lodged in the cerebellum and therefore cannot be combated by arguments.
I fear that at the moment we cannot find anyone of sufficient repute (for the local
committee) who would be regarded by the locals as one of their own and who en-
joys their trust. We shall probably have to wait until the political barometer is at its
height again.
Next winter I am probably going to have the great pleasure of accompanying you
on the voyage to
Furthermore, I look forward to seeing you again in
one month at the festivities in
Cordial regards and good wishes to you and your dear family, yours,
A. Einstein.
417. From Paul Ehrenfest
[Leyden,] 9 January 1925
Dear Einstein,
The telegram from you all in reply (forgive this annoyance!) and your extremely
nice, warm-hearted
freed us from great worry.—But it really is a dirty trick
for T′ [Tanya] not to have sent us a single message since she
You must
admit, it is grim.
We naturally regret very much that you cannot—as we had all been hoping—
stay here around February 9th, but I understand the
Do let me hope,
though, that we shall certainly still have you here before July 1 for “3
—Your presence on February 9 will be appreciated very much by
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