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cathode. Stintzing indicates in a new publication that one can arrive at the goal that
I can’t quite believe it; but it should be tried in any case; it would be very
important for many other purposes as well, of course.
will be back here again in a few days.
Yours very sincerely,
Leo Szilard.
199. To Wilhelm Westphal[1]
Berlin, 20 January 1924
Dear Mr. Westphal,
Mr. Henderson was here to see
He does not try to hide his own talents, but
they still don’t shine. Now I have a request of you. I have been corresponding fre-
quently with a young locksmith in
who privately acquired consider-
able mathematical skills under difficult conditions and has the burning desire to at-
tend university. As he is completely without means, he is hoping to be accepted in
the miners’ hostel in Kiel. In his letter he now speaks of a full matriculation com-
mission supposedly in
from which he is hoping to obtain the right to en-
roll. As I don’t know anything about the existence of such a commission, I would
like to ask you please to give me the necessary details so that I can inform the man.
I have the impression that he deserves to get some backing.
Thanking you very much in advance, I am, with kind regards, yours,
Now I have the true cause of radiometer
Mr. Hettner had already con-
firmed the theory by a precise qualitative
this had already been pos-
tulated by
but strangely enough rejected because of faulty reasoning.
*An irradiated S-shaped wire that is horizontally rotatable (in the paper’s plane),
rotates in the direction of the arrows
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