D O C U M E N T 1 9 4 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 4 1 9 5
We therefore hope to be able to offer you the kind of comforts during your visit
in our city that would allow you to work and rest in a satisfactory manner, unless
the Argentine government, as is possible, will offer you an official welcome.
7). In case you are interested in the Israelite Argentine agricultural colony, the
work of Baron de Hirsch, which has greatly flourished and is generally well-
known, the general director of the Argentine Colonies of the “Jewish Colonization
Association,” who is also the president of the “Asociación Hebraïca,” will be great-
ly pleased to invite you and arrange a visit of these
We hope that our explanations will have satisfied you and that we will have the
honor of personally conveying to you in Buenos Aires the respectful greetings of
the “Asociación Hebraïca” and to welcome you with the entire Argentine intelli-
gentsia that has studied and admired your scientific works.
Please accept, Mr. Professor, our most devoted sentiments,
The Secretary The President
M. Nirenstein
[Isaac] Starkmeth
194. From Montague David Eder[1]
London, 9 January 1924
Highly esteemed Professor,
I have been commissioned by the Executive of the Zionist Organisation to ap-
proach you in the matter of the establishment of the central administrative body of
the Hebrew
As Prof.
has surely already informed you in
Holland, now that the preparations for the opening of the university’s first institutes
are already quite far
the Executive is intending to tackle the universi-
ty’s legal constitution and the formation of the main administrative body. A gov-
erning board should be placed at the head of the university, composed of leading
intellectual personalities of the Jewish world and some philanthropists who have
proved of particular merit to the university. This Board of Governors should be en-
trusted with the overall administration of the university and its outward representa-
tion. All the funds will also be conveyed to it for management. Apart from you, the
intention is to invite the following gentlemen to enter this body: Achad Ha’am, Dr.
Weizmann, Baron J. de Rothschild (as deputy of his father Baron E. de Rothschild),
Sir Alfred Mond, Lord
and some leading American Jewish scholars
and philanthropists.—
In second place, a senate (“Academic Council”) will be formed, composed of
representatives of the Board of Governors, the faculties, and the “Jewish Agency.”
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