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our backs. Thus I also recall those fine, quiet walks near Aarau during which you
said so many things to
Warm regards from your
331. From Heinrich Zangger
[Zurich, before 4 October
Dear friend Einstein,
I have just received a letter from Romain
which I must present to you
on Saturday, but some passages of which you must consider beforehand in order to
tell me what I should do. Romain Rolland wants to see you sometime—he writes
“I confess that ever since I somewhat realized the grandeur of Einstein’s re-
searches and my own weakness, I find it hardly proper to take up his time.—I know
how futile conversations among laymen can be.—But please convey to him my
kind regards and tell him that I just referred a very intelligent Japanese writer to
him (Mr. Tatsuo
You have purportedly written a philosophical treatise against Kant; he would
like to know the place of publication and
I don’t know it either.
We shall settle this quickly on Saturday in
Hence, until Saturday.
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