D O C U M E N T S 2 4 8 , 2 4 9 M A Y 1 9 2 4 2 4 5
248. To Elsa Einstein
[Kiel,] 15 May 1924
Dear Else,
You do indeed put me to shame with writing. But it suits you more than me, as
I have a clumsy tongue and pen. The matter with
does indeed seem to be
quite serious; if it really is tuberculosis, then she’ll scarcely be able to escape her
streak of tough luck. How was it established? Through systematic temperature tak-
ing? You’re right about the Zionists. I’m not signing. If I’m constantly involved ev-
erywhere, I won’t be taken seriously at all anymore. Telephone them in this vein.
I’ll write to Doktorowicz that he should form the committee
Because I
don’t agree with him on the main issue. If he manages to do it, then fine; but I don’t
want to scorch my hands anymore. My conviction is that it should be treated as an
Eastern Jewish issue. Now it’s splendid springtime here, too. Today I already went
sailing with
in a stiff wind. We’re living very harmoniously together
over here. I’m working less than last time: why else did I decline to go to
In Zurich they finally want to buy the house
They have a lot of courage, per-
haps too much with their small capital. But I did give my approval. I’ll even get
thoroughly sick again if you find it so appealing, or else be an obedient fellow in a
healthy condition. But that’s far more difficult. Send me Doktorowicz’s address so
that I can write him, or write him directly yourself, conveying what I said above,
just a little more sweetly. Haven’t you heard at all from
Warm regards also to the children and parents from your
249. To Heinrich Zangger
Kiel, 15 May 1924
Dear Zangger,
Thank you for the careful itemization regarding the
I already informed
Mileva a few days ago that I consent to the
My only reservation is that
this enterprise could exceed our, that is, the family’s capital resources. If a shortage
of capital also arises in Switzerland and the mortgages are called in, then a difficult
situation could emerge. But I think it can be risked. You are surely informed about
the investment of the family’s money in
Part of it can be made liquid
there, if that should turn out to be necessary, without having much to lose; it just
takes some time for such an instruction to be carried out and for the money to get
there (to Zurich).—
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