D O C U M E N T 2 2 9 M A R C H 1 9 2 4 2 2 5
229. To Caesar Koch[1]
[Berlin,] 28 March 1924
Dear Uncle,
Getting the likes of us to write a letter calls for a major event. This is it, now,
with your 70th birthday. Even though I write so rarely, you always were my favorite
uncle, and generally one of the few who warmed my heart whenever I thought of
them. Even during my youth, a visit by you was a glorious celebration; and all of
my life I will think of that pretty little steam engine you brought me once when you
came back from
It looked like this:
Can you still remember it? Later, you visited us in Munich with your slim and
impish young
and lastly, when I visited you after many long years, shortly
before the wedding of your Susanne in
(visit of the stock exchange). Of
all this I have retained dear, unforgettable memories. Since then, I often wanted to
come, but as it so happened, there was always something I had to do that thwarted
my intentions. And now you are celebrating your 70th birthday and my hair is al-
ready gray, too.
Now I wish you happy years, and that you may continue, as before, to find the
unalloyed joy in your dear
Give them my hearty greetings and take a
hug from me, along with dear Aunt, on your fine celebration, from your
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