2 4 0 D O C U M E N T 2 4 4 M A Y 1 9 2 4
244. To Elsa Einstein
[Kiel,] Saturday. [10 May
Dear Elsa,
Your letter just arrived. If you get asked again about
then say: “My
husband could not go there himself because of delicate health. Since he is ardently
interested in the proceedings, a friend of his has traveled there in order to report to
him about
Over here it is very nice except for the weather and Mr. An-
schütz’s infernal
I already found a very nice theory, which ex-
plains, among other things, Ogita’s smoke
Ilse’s health regimen is very
I believe she will gradually get well, that is, through the cure, not through
Prof. Van der
—on the contrary. I don’t want the Warburgs to be pestered
about the
even less
that would be too embarrassing for
me. I don’t care if it’s sold, but without bothering any prominent person about it.
It’s a good thing that my skin can’t be sold in my lifetime in order to make parch-
ment out of it. It’s blessedly peaceful over here. Nobody is allowed to come near
me and demand their rights. Anschütz admires me for my abstinence from smok-
ing; I do too. Telephone Berliner that he please send me Lord Kelvin’s popular lec-
tures, so that I can more easily write the article for the
What a pity that dealing with Grommer is so
but otherwise this El Do-
rado is perfect. In front of my window, trees and water, birds chirping. Nothing un-
expected happens, all is peaceful and leisurely, as if set up for contemplative pon-
Give my heartfelt greetings to the children; Ilse may really have been trans-
formed. But her modest living conditions may not be so much the cause as is the
only lifestyle natural for a woman. Recently I dreamed that Margot also got
I do love her, too, as if she were my own daughter; perhaps even more
so, for who knows what kind of a brat she would then have become in that case.
Greetings from your
I have already torn up your letter.
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