D O C U M E N T 4 5 3 M A R C H 1 9 2 5 4 4 5
antee of the institute’s independence and of the truly international activity demand-
ed of it; and in my opinion we must now also give it our trust; moreover, it seems
to me to be an international courtesy to choose a Frenchman as director.
Even though we would prefer someone else, we do have, as I see it, no choice;
and we must console ourselves that much good really is to be expected of Mr.
L[uchaire]. If I were to make the statement mentioned in your letter in your name,
that would only result in your having less influence henceforth on the institute’s de-
velopment, and it is this influence to which I attach the highest value. Therefore, I
very much hope still to hear from you that you do not insist on that wish.
At most, I could say that although in your view nominating a non-French direc-
tor would express even better the institute’s complete independence, you could
nevertheless declare your acceptance of Mr. Luchaire’s election. But to me it would
seem better to say nothing at all; you can then ply all your influence on setting the
matter on the right track.
Of course I shall not lose sight of Mr.
he really does seem to be an im-
portant man. I shall also try to read something by him; that, and the referee reports
on him, and the numerous other candidates will then, as I hope, permit me to reach
a definitive verdict.
Your last visit was a great pleasure for me and, as always, I was very glad to be
able to discuss many things with you.
And now we wish you a safe journey.
Come back to this part of the world
healthy and not fatigued.
Greetings from yours truly,
H. A. Lorentz
453. To Hans Kohn
Berlin, 3 March 1925
Dear Sir,
I am not only generally in agreement with your anti-militaristic inclinations but
also consider the step you are planning
I gladly give you my signa-
In great respect,
A. Einstein.
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