D O C U M E N T 1 5 9 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 3 1 5 5
159. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein
Leyden, 24 November 1923
at Prof. Ehrenfest’s Witte Roozen Str.
My dear children,
Your letters pleased me immensely, quite apart from the magnificent examina-
tion, which made me vividly recall some similar, somewhat less laudable hours
from my own
I am now sitting peacefully in Holland after having been in-
formed that there are certain people in Germany who have their sights on me as a
“Jewish holy
In Stuttgart there was even a poster on which I figured fore-
most among the richest Jews! That costs money, and bad intentions lie behind it.
Over here I’ve now been calculating so terribly strenuously on a new problem that
my stomach is beginning to rebel again after such a long
I therefore have
to keep very calm and can’t think of traveling to Zurich to deliver talks. Also, noth-
ing will probably come of a simple visit. A couple of weeks ago I was contemplat-
ing giving up my position entirely in
But I’m not going to do that be-
cause it would signify a moral condemnation of German intellectuals, which I
would like to avoid. If my return in the foreseeable future should be inadvisable,
though, I will stay in Holland, where a nice existence under very pleasant condi-
tions is being offered to me. Now I am glad that you all stayed in Switzerland be-
cause living in Germany has become quite
You can hardly imagine what
the poor people have to endure.
I’m glad that you are practicing music so diligently now, dear Tete. That’s one
of the best companions through life, making one’s path extremely beautiful and
What’s happening with the house
I already regret having sent the
money out to you because I definitely foresee that the fr[anc] will be going down
and it will be increasingly disadvantageous to buy anything in Zurich. Please do
earnestly seek to purchase a smaller building or instruct me to have the money de-
posited in America. Consider that it is a large portion of your assets and that you
really are dependent on it being managed well.
I still often think of the nice times I spent with you during the
I hope
it will be possible once again for all three of us to spend some time in Kiel. It’s best
of all over there. I can’t very well come to Zurich, especially considering that back
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