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287. To Julius Schwalbe[1]
[Berlin,] 18 July 1924
Highly esteemed Doctor,
Many thanks for the little
My comment about the profitability of female
academic studies should not, of course, be interpreted to mean that I oppose women
studying for the indicated reason. I rather meant it jokingly. The university is, in
truth, generally an inefficient machine and yet irreplaceable and probably also in-
capable of substantial improvement. Here the community as a whole must take the
standpoint that biblical God took toward Sodom and
For a minority,
the entire effort must be made, and it’s worth it!
Amicable regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
288. To Chaim Weizmann
[Geneva,] 19 July 1924
Dear Mr. Weizmann,
I am so very sorry that despite your numerous invitations and despite the great
importance of the meetings taking place in London, I cannot
The reason
is that I have to depart this evening for Geneva for meetings of the League of
If I do not do this, major ill feeling would develop.
One year ago I withdrew from the Committee on Intellectual Cooperation with
great commotion, by publicly declaring that the League of Nations was not fulfill-
ing its
Now, after the political conditions have improved again some-
what, I have been reelected and am supposed to come to the first session. This I
must do if new misunderstandings are to be prevented. I am free again as of August
1, but by then the London meetings will surely have already ended.
My address is Bellevue Hotel, Quai Mont Blanc, Geneva.
Cordial regards, yours,
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