1 9 0 D O C U M E N T S 1 8 8 1 9 0 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 4
Wishing you and yours an auspicious 1924 full of fruitful work, with admiration,
A. Einstein.
My wife sends amicable greetings.
P. S.—I am sending you the correction proof of the paper in which the plan for my
research is
188. Aphorism
When working on deeper scientific problems, ardor and curiosity cannot be re-
placed by conscientiousness and ambition.
A. Einstein 1924.
189. From Jacques Hadamard
Paris, 25 Humboldt Street, 14th [district], 4 January 1924
My dear Colleague and Friend,
asked me to be her intermediary and yours in Paris
with Mr. de
(whom I do not know at all, incidentally).
I was, to my great regret, unable to send her my response in time, that is to say,
before her departure from Paris. Since, as they tell me at her hotel, she did not leave
an address and since I would not even know exactly where to write her in Kovno
(Kaunas), I am obliged to ask you please to forward the enclosed letter to her.
I take advantage of this occasion to send you my wishes for a happy New Year,
with the very amicable regards from all of us,
J. Hadamard.
190. To Michele Besso
[Berlin,] 5 January 1924
Dear Michele,
I haven’t written you for a long time and have experienced a lot in the interim.
But external experience stays on the surface and scientific experience remains the
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