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284. To Paul Langevin
[Berlin,] 11 July 1924
Dear Langevin,
How happy I was about your letter! I shall depart from here on the 20th and trav-
el directly to Geneva and can hardly wait to see
I immediately spoke with
after having previously written him. I encountered an honest willingness
to oblige, but at the same time a difficulty, of which he is wholly blameless.
Scheel’s mother-in-law, who is residing with him, has been deathly ill for months
now and is surely going to die soon. His
who is completely unaided, is so
exhausted by the months-long nursing that her nerves have suffered serious dam-
age. He cannot leave her now. Scheel’s good will is beyond all doubt, however, and
the Foreign Office, where he also made inquiries, encouraged him to collaborate in
The political atmosphere has improved, thank God, even though a
long-fostered bad mentality still continues to express itself in a large segment of the
population. If it is in any way possible, Scheel will come; if not, then later.
Cordial greetings to you, yours,
A. Einstein.
285. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin,] 12 July 1924
Dear Ehrenfest,
One letter of mine got
I asked the very likable and fine Dr. Loeb to secure
a raise in the stipend to 600 dollars because poor Grommer, with his unfortunate
stature, cannot make do with
We haven’t found much yet. The more one
chases after quanta, the better they conceal themselves. I don’t want to go to Pasa-
dena in the foreseeable
The best that a person can have from public life is
sei Rua! Unfortunately, I’m going to have to go to South America next June; they’re
practically pulling me by the scruff of my
You’re right about your trip with
I have to go to Geneva (a person can’t escape his destiny) and then
with my boys to Anschütz’s
In October (beginning) I’ll be coming to visit
all of you again and am looking forward to it very much.
Bohr, Kramers, and someone else abolished “loose”
They won’t be
dispensable, though. The Indian, Bose, presented a nice derivation of Planck’s law,
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