D O C U M E N T 2 4 M A Y 1 9 2 3 2 9
Tete have vacation? I have to go to Sweden at the beginning of July to the scientists’
convention, in order to give my Nobel
Then Tete could perhaps be with
me in Kiel, where Anschütz has furnished a most charming home for me with im-
I shall be here in Leyden until May 16th, then in Berlin for one month, then in
Kiel. Write very soon about the capital tax and about Lautrach. I’m not against the
house purchase but the preliminary investment of the capital is independent of that.
Warm regards to all of you, yours,
Witte Roozen St., Leyden.
One can get about 10,000 francs in interest. How much of that gets deducted as
taxes if one does things the way you are thinking?
24. To Elsa Einstein
May 1923
Dear Else,
The best thing here up to now was the arrival. Trip via Hague. Arrival half past
11 o’clock at night. I had telegraphed that I was coming at midnight. Nobody at the
station. I carry my little suitcase to
house (1/2 hour). Everything
there was dark. I whistle, no answer. I put my little suitcase in front of the garden
door behind the house, drop a note into the mailbox, and sleep in the nearest inn.
Next day I arrive and learn that at the time of my nocturnal visit everyone except
the children were at the train station. Over here it is very warm and comfortable.
But I am working a lot, as in Kiel. Anschütz does not obey but rather stands by his
earlier words. The apartment that he furnished for me is very comfortable, if a little
too elegant for
We are meeting there again at the end of June. I’m giving a course of lectures
from mid-May to mid-June in Berlin; the stud[ent] union for mathematics asked me
to. I hope you are
and everything else over there is all right. I probably
can’t be back until the 17th; but it’s not yet certain. I’ll be seeing Mr. Maschke soon
(he is in
The Ehrenfests are very cheerful. Yesterday we were at a
talk by Kerschensteiner (Munich), which was very
Kisses to all of you from your
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