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365. Statement on the League of Nations
[Berlin, 9–15] November
The League of Nations is now already a greater power than was intended by
those who called it into being.
Albert Einstein, November 1924.
366. Statement on Technology
[Berlin, 9–15] November
Technology operates in international relations not merely in that it creates weap-
ons, whose dreadfulness deters wars, but also in that it creates economic dependen-
cies between states that are hard to
Albert Einstein, November 1924
367. From Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe
Munich, 6 Leopold Street, 9 November 1924
Dear esteemed Professor Einstein,
Such long gaps between letters haven’t happened in years—mea
But it
simply is so much better to talk than to write, especially with me, as I am gradually
forgetting how to write and am mostly reprimanded by those unfortunate ones who
have to read my letters and who don’t feel like solving graphological puzzles in do-
ing so.
In October I was in Kiel and again had occasion to joust in a few contests with
the H[oly] Ghost, or whoever else it might
In general, I remained victorious,
with the exception of the so-called residual oscillations around the meridian that
are not completely explained yet.
It is a peculiarity of the latest sphere that the so-called damping factor of the de-
flections around the meridian become smaller, the ¢closer² better the meridian po-
sition is reached.
shifts the blame on the damping vessels, yet they cannot
be entirely to blame for it, because in some cases some rocking could even be ob-
served; hence an energy input. I can only explain this by the detour via the blowout
magnet; in this last sphere it is different from earlier insofar as it no longer has an
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