2 3 8 D O C U M E N T S 2 4 1 , 2 4 2 M A Y 1 9 2 4
241. To Betty Neumann
[Kiel,] Saturday, 3 May [1924]
My dear Betty,
I’m glad to know you’re with your mother after such a long stay in a strange for-
eign land (i.e., with
My journey also took place on Thursday, as planned, and
now, here in Kiel, I’m leading an existence that is as ideal as moderate bachelor-
hood can possibly be. Thus I can comfortably compare it to the moderate life of a
husband that I ¢am leading² have in Berlin. Lately the latter has been quite difficult,
despite the finest relaxation. ¢But² Restless bachelorhood—as fine as it otherwise
is—has something of an austerity to it that may suit a mathematician, something of
the heroic, but is entirely without comfort, which is certainly also one of the very
important elements of life. It is very good for contemplation; I already found a very
amusing, simple physical
and also a few crumbs for the big
always offers interesting tasks as well. Here, winter is still defending
itself with fluctuating success against spring, but it will probably get better soon.
I hope we won’t often be separated now. Writing is a feeble substitute for being
together; and written silence has none of the magic of the verbal kind. For Uncle
sake I’m very glad that he’s rid of his chain for once and can follow the
unbridled roving spirit that Nature planted in him. Whither he may drift and how, I
often try to imagine. And
is ¢sitting² mutely munching at home, all alone,
wisely administering and reigning, wiping away all the smudges.
Dear Betty, most needy and locked-out of all secretaries, enjoy your life, don’t
forget to report for duty on time, write your lonely employer, and recuperate well
from all the stresses (and the like). Amen.
From your
242. To Elsa and Margot Einstein
[Kiel,] Monday [5 or 12 May
Dear Else,
Your letter to Mrs.
thoroughly amused the latter. It’s simply funny for
such hens, flush with energy and health, to think of such things. That’s actually how
it should be. Anyway, we’ve only gone sailing once so far, because there was so
much work at the factory. Neither the A. S. article nor anything by
was enclosed with your letter. I hope it follows. I’m just going to leave the forma-
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