D O C . 2 7 4 O N I N T E L L E C T U A L C O O P E R A T I O N 2 6 3
274. On Rejoining the International Committee on
Intellectual Cooperation
{Berlin,] 25 June 1924
The circumstance that the League of Nations has reelected me into its Commit-
tee on Intellectual Cooperation is an encouraging sign of the generous attitude cur-
rently reigning within this very important body for the political organization of
For, this reelection occurred despite a brusque renunciation I had
sent to the League of Nations at the beginning of the previous year under the de-
pressing weight of the events and conditions of that time. Borne by this ability to
understand and to—forget, the League of Nations will do justice to its grand mis-
sion of pacifying the world, after all states have joined it through the influence of
forward-looking men of all nations.
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