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377. From Auguste Piccard
Brussels, 14 Ernestine Ave., 23 November 1924
[Not selected for translation.]
378. From Maja Winteler-Einstein
Colonnata (Florence), 25 November [1924]
Dear Albert, dear Elsa,
Is such a thing possible? Dear Albert, you intend to give us the
terday, right after receiving your letter, I played a sort of Te Deum, in the form of
a toccata and fugue by Bach. That expresses my mood best of all; such grandeur,
liberation, brilliance. I played it for you, dear Albert, and it expresses my feelings
far better than this letter, in any case. If giving is more blissful than taking, then you
must be happier than we are. But that’s hardly possible. In any case, I wish you that
from the bottom of my heart and thank both of you as much as one ever can thank
someone for fulfilling a heartfelt wish in such a generous way. But now you must
also come and see what you have secured for us. It’s certainly worth the effort. Dear
Elsa, don’t you want to come with
while Albert is
I hope the
lack of amenities won’t scare you off. Besides, we’re also getting tenants, so many,
and more than we need; and then we’ll furnish what’s missing. But it would be a
true celebration for me if you would dispense with comfort and come as soon as
this spring. Then Albert should pick you up on the return trip. How happy I would
Pauli wrote up the contract right away yesterday and went to the
it this morning. Now—at 9 o’clock—he’s not back yet. Perhaps he’ll be getting it
back already finished.—Just imagine this: We didn’t receive the telegram and spent
the past week in quite a terrible upset; for we thought that because you hadn’t tele-
graphed, that you didn’t agree with our suggestions. Yes, all’s well that ends well.
But do let yourselves be paid back for the telegram.
Dear Margot, do talk your mother into coming along with you. But if she should,
nonetheless, be loath to do so, do come by yourself. You see, I think our lifestyle
and the splendid area is as if it had been made for you. And I would be so pleased
to have you entirely to myself for a few months. I’ve been inviting all of you so
many countless times already that it would surely be an insult if all of you declined
again now.
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