D O C U M E N T S 6 0 , 6 1 J U N E 1 9 2 3 5 9
60. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, between 9 and 20 June
Dear Papa,
I must unfortunately note that the requisite orderliness seems to be lacking in the
management of our money. This accusation isn’t made just out of thin air; rather,
I’m supporting myself here on the instance that you wrote you had sent Mr. Karr
45. [francs] whereas Mr. Karr notified us that he had received
You know as
well as I do that for our relations such an approximate precision does not suffice;
and even if it’s just an error, it shouldn’t happen because it always conjures up bad
interpretations; and money can, of course, often get lost in the process.
The more important thing is, though, that you have the remainder in America in
a private
If we want to regard this money as ours, we definitely must re-
ceive certification by the bank that
has such and such an amount deposited
there. If you wanted to refuse us this matter, we would have to assume that you
didn’t have the intention to leave us the money. As I cannot imagine that, though, I
expect this certification soon. You don’t know how much you’re always annoying
and upsetting Mama with this business, and I also find it quite inconsiderate toward
me to be handling these business affairs like this.
So I ask you please to clear this up as soon as possible and am expecting the mes-
sage from America, yours,
61. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin, after 9 June
Dear friend Zangger,
The deep interest that you are taking in our destiny impresses me. I say nothing
else about the information on Tete except that I deeply love the boy, that whatever
is possible should be done for him, and that one should and must take what fate of-
fers without much
As soon as his cure is finished, I shall take him in
for the rest of the vacation, where he will be impeccably catered to, in contrast to a
few earlier holidays when we were following a somewhat Bohemian life style. The
problems with Albert stem superficially from a letter in which he made completely
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