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449. To Hendrik A. Lorentz
[Berlin, before 2 March
Dear Mr. Lorentz,
The visit to your home was so nice that it will remain one of the favorite mem-
ories of my
The day of my departure is now nearing; so we can be sure that I am not going
to be able to attend the Paris
I do not have a proxy available to appoint
for this session who I can be sure will vote according to my views. That is why I
ask you please at least to assume this role morally, in that while presenting your
standpoint you say that I wished to back your conception of the issues concerning
the application of the funds and the organization of the
I would also ap-
preciate it if you said that, according to my conviction, it is not in the institute’s in-
terest if a Frenchman became its director; the impression would thus only be
strengthened that the endowment of the institute ought to be interpreted as an at-
tempt by the French government to make the Committee [on Intellectual Coopera-
tion] morally dependent on it. Although this sounds harsh, I do consider it my duty
to say so.
I spoke to you about Dr. Eisler, who I am persuaded could do successful work in
He is a man with the attitude we need, and also a man of extraordi-
nary linguistic, historical, and philosophical knowledge. Of the three letters in fa-
vor of Mr. Eisler that three professors sent me, unsolicited, I enclose two; I cannot
find the third just now, by a Munich
Additionally, I enclose a letter by
Mr. Eisler himself so that you can gain an
From among the publica-
tions he forwarded to me, I especially liked one book, Das Geld [Money], con-
ceived as a series of slide
450. To Chaim Weizmann
[Berlin, before or on 2 March
Dear Mr. Weizmann,
The inauguration of this
is a joyous symbol for us of the attainment
of the great goal to which you are wholly devoting your life. This university is sup-
posed to become a central location for intellectual activity, not only for Palestine
but for Jews around the world. Every one of us who is endowed with the grace of
finding some fine thing in scientific knowledge should go there in order to present
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