V O L . 1 3 , D O C . 3 8 2 a C A L C U L A T I O N S 9 AD. [120 392]. Calculations written on a folded sheet of paper. The first page is written underneath letterhead “S.S. Kitano Maru” the second and third pages are on the verso of the sheet the last page is written upside down with respect to the first page on the recto. Incorrect page numbers at the bottom of pages 2, 3, and 4 in an unknown hand have been omitted. [1]Dated by the fact that it was written on “Kitano Maru” stationery. Einstein was on board the SS Kitano Maru from 7 October to 17 November 1922 while on his trip from Marseille to Japan. [2]The calculations on this page bear some similarities to the calculations on [p. 51] at the back of Einstein’s Travel Diary to Japan, Palestine, and Spain (see Vol. 13, Doc. 418, p. 672). Riκlm κ ϕiκϕlm λ( gilgκm gimgκl)] + [ –= 0 ging dAi RiκlmAκflm = gαiRiκlm soll antisymm. sein dAμ δσ μAσdλ = dAμ --------- δσ μAσ = d gμνAμAν) ( 0 = gμνAμdAν 0 = gμνAμδσ ν 0 = Es soll gμν ex. sodass gμνδσν gσνδμν –= Δ ϕiκϕlm ϕilϕmκ ϕlmϕκi + + = Rim κ mϕim (ϕi –= Rim κ ϕi mϕim λ( gim 4gim)] + [ –= κ ϕi mϕim 3gimλ) ( –= gilgκm gimgκl gimglκ ginglm
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