D O C . 4 7 0 W O R D F O R T H E J O U R N E Y 4 7 1
One special responsibility to emerge for the university is the intellectual guid-
ance and education of our nation’s active labor forces in the countryside. We do not
want to create in Palestine another populace of city-dwellers living the way they do
in Europe’s cities, replete with the bourgeois mentality of Europe. We want a work-
ing people first of all, a Jewish village, and we want the benefits of civilization to
be accessible also to this working class, especially since we know that Jews in any
circumstances set education above all else. It is incumbent on the university to cre-
ate something completely new here that would meet the specific needs of life for
the developing nation in
Let all of us work together so that the university is able to fulfill its mission. May
a recognition of the importance of this cause make headway across broad sections
of Jewry! Then, our university will soon develop into a major intellectual center
that will gain the respect of all of civilized
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