4 6 4 D O C . 4 6 3 P A N - E U R O P E
of various speeches by the French prime
This idea must govern Eu-
rope’s future, and it will govern it and prepare the way to the unification of Pan-
Europe, if the continent does not want to dig its own grave.
It will appear strange to you Americans that I am always speaking of Europe,
whereas it actually does involve a subject that concerns the whole world. It is easier
to extend one’s hand to one’s faraway comrades concerning legal foundations, but
it is far more difficult to harmonize with one’s neighbors, where the recollections
of countless earlier frictions and quarrels that arose out of close proximity act as an
impediment. For that reason, conciliatory agreements between neighbors must pre-
pare the regime of justice in the world as a whole.
One more observation must be added: Without a unification of Europe, there
never can be a common League of Nations in reality. Europe’s political union will
be achieved entirely of itself when all nations of America have joined the League
of Nations, as they do not need to struggle against any major obstacles in order to
join that large community. When observed from this point of view, the fate of his-
tory lies in America’s hands.
[p. 372]
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