D O C . 3 3 2 O N T H E E T H E R 5 2 5
tionship between general covariance and physical content, see Einstein’s response to Erich Kret-
schmann (Einstein 1918e [Vol. 7, Doc. 4]).
[16]Hermann Weyl, Arthur S. Eddington.
[17]For a discussion of the problem of terrestrial and solar magnetism, see the Introduction,
pp. xlviii–lii.
[18]See Debye 1923a and Compton 1923. See also Einstein’s comments on this topic in Einstein
1924e (Doc. 236).
[19]Bose 1924a (see Doc. 278).
[20]In the manuscript, before “Hieraus,” the following half-sentence was deleted: “Nimmt man an,
dass sonst keine undimensionierte Konstante hinzukommt,”.
[21]“von der Hypothese der Undulations-Struktur der Strahlung” replaces “von dem geometrischen
Gefüge der Strahlung, wie es von der Undulationstheorie gefordert wird” in the manuscript.
[22]See Debye 1910 and Ehrenfest 1911.
[23]Earlier, Einstein had used the conclusion that the lack of a relation between orbital frequencies
of electrons and frequencies of emitted radiation puts the independent reality of radiation fields into
doubt as an argument against the Bohr-Kramers-Slater theory (see Doc. 256, note 4).
[24]The sentence following the semicolon is missing in the manuscript.
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