D O C U M E N T 2 4 3 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 0 5 3 9
shall be at home at that time I hope to have the pleasure of calling on you and Mrs.
With kindest regards to you and Mrs. Einstein, I am,
Sincerely yours,
A G Sch[medeman]
American Minister.
P. S. Since writing the foregoing letter I have received the following telegram from
the regents of the University of Wisconsin:
“Will attempt to arrange summer conferences as per my letter of
Warburg has satisfactory terms.”
TLS. [36 261].
[1]See Doc. 234.
[2]The telegram was sent on 20 December 1920 (WMUW).
In his letter to Schmedeman of the same date (WMUW), Charles S. Slichter mentions that in his
first telegram to the University of Wisconsin, Einstein proposed to lecture in German (the telegram is
unavailable). Slichter then comments: “I trust this was merely preference on his part and that he will
be able to give lectures in English, for the effectiveness of his visit would be greatly lessened by lec-
tures in a foreign language.”
[3]The same day Slichter also wrote to Paul Warburg (WMUW). He gave him a summary of the
correspondence about Einstein’s invitation and mentioned that he was looking forward to being
informed of Einstein’s financial terms and the subjects of his lectures.
[4]For the content of the letter, see Doc. 229, note 3.
243. From John G. Hibben
[Princeton,] December 24th, 1920.
My dear Professor Einstein:—
I have received your
and am greatly obliged to you for your kindly cour-
tesy in replying to my inquiry concerning your possible visit to Princeton.
Unfortunately we are still struggling with the problems of reorganization, after
the war, and we find ourselves financially straitened so that it will be impossible to
consider the honorarium of $15,000 which you request for your
It is a
great disappointment to me personally, as well as to the members of the Depart-
ments of Physics and Mathematics, that we shall not be able to avail ourselves of
your presence for a while in the midst of our academic life.
With the assurance of my high regard, believe me
Faithfully yours,
John Grier Hibben
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