Columbiana Library, Columbia University, New York City; Adriana Yanai,
Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Intensive work has been carried out at the Einstein Papers Project by talented
and dedicated students. We thank Ben Aronin, Jordan Boyd-Graber, William
Coulter, Elizabeth Felnagle, Lea Hildebrandt, Shant Ohanian, Neil Tiwari, and
Jonathan Webster for their work on the current volume.
The everyday activities and well-being of the editors and staff of the Einstein
Papers Project at Caltech have greatly benefited from the assistance and generosity
of Susan Davis, Jean Ensminger, Paul Jennings, and many others among the faculty
and staff.
Finally, at Princeton University Press, the editors wish to thank Alice Calaprice,
the devoted longtime copyeditor; Linny Schenck, our production editor; Leslie
Flis, the designer; Neil Litt; Adam Fortgang; Sam Elworthy; Martha Camp; Walter
H. Lippincott, former director; and Peter Dougherty, the Press’s new director.
We dedicate this volume to the memory of Mara Beller, distinguished historian
and philosopher of science, professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a
long-term, dedicated member of the Executive Committee of the Collected Papers
of Albert Einstein, and a dear mentor, friend, and colleague of the Einstein Papers
Project staff.
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