6 5 0 I N D E X
Europe, 511, 529, 533, 612c
Anschütz-Kaempfe, Hermann (1872–1931), in-
vites AE, 7
Anti-Semitism: 169, 522; AE on, 230, 268, 287,
352, 492; at uproar in AE’s lecture, 423n; at-
tacks against AE, 612c; campaigns in Germa-
ny, 489; in academic circles, 230n, 269n, 489,
494, AE on, 268; in Kiel, 230; Maja Wintel-
er-Einstein, on AE’s housing difficulties in
Berlin as caused by, 307n
“An die Kulturwelt,” 476n; AE on mitigating
circumstances, 163; and Anglo-German
relations, 245n; and bitterness against
Germany, in France and Belgium, 114,
121; authors of, 122n
“April 1919,” 33
“Für den Aufbau des jüdischen Palästina,”
AE signs, 193, 579c
“Für die Unabhängigkeit des Geistes,” 575c;
AE signs, 102, 105, 110, 134–135;
Schmidt supports, 102
“An die Europäer,” 476n
“An die freie Jugend aller Stände und Völ-
ker,” AE signs, 552c
Aufruf des deutschen Geistes zum Sozialis-
mus, new version, 94–96
Manifesto to the Civilized World. See Ap-
peals: “An die Kulturwelt”
Manifesto to the Europeans. See Appeals:
“An die Europäer”
Spring 1919 appeal, 106n
“Un Appel: Fière Declaration d’Intellec-
tuels,” 102, 575c
Arago, François (1786–1853), 333
Arco, Georg Count von (1869–1940): xliv, 34n,
34, 43n, 65n, 71, 132, 343n, 347, 358; invites
AE to Monistenbund, 347–348; letter to Ka-
mmerer on heritability, 505; on AE’s world-
view, 347; supports Georg Nicolai, 475;
supports Rausch von Traubenberg, 291
Arons case, 475
Arosa: AE in, 5; Eduard Einstein in sanatorium,
3; Fokker and De Sitter in sanatorium, 238,
Arrhenius, Svante (1859–1927), 308n, 552c
Art, AE on, 572c
Aston, Francis (1877–1945), on isotopic compo-
sition of neon, 316
Astrophysical Observatory, Potsdam: 14n, 158n,
167n, 275n, 385, 603c, 614c, 616c; reserva-
tion of astronomers toward general relativity
at, 157
Aubel, Edmond van (1864–1941), 114
Auergesellschaft. See Deutsche Gasglühlicht
Aufruf “An die freie Jugend aller Stände und
Völker.” See Appeals
Aufruf “An die Europäer.” See Appeals
Aufruf des deutschen Geistes zum Sozialismus.
See Appeals
Aufruf “Für die Unabhängigkeit des Geistes.”
See Appeals
Austria: economic situation 260, 373; difficulties
of obtaining scholarly literature, 45n, 485; so-
cial politics, 436; union with Bavaria, 92;
universities under government control and
funding, 437n
Austrian Academy of Sciences, 73
Austrian Chemical-Physical Society, 133n
Austro-Hungarian empire, collapse of, 78n
B’nai Brith, Independent Order of Berlin, 610c
Babelsberg Observatory, 275n
Bach, J. S.: Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena
Bach, 340n; St. Matthew Passion, 453n, 495,
Bachem, (Franz Xaver?), 610c
Bachem, Albert (1888–1957), xxxix, 37, 86,
296n, 324–325, 328n, 330–332, 335, 342,
347n, 353, 355, 385–386, 401, 457, 478–479,
482, 596c, 598c, 610c
Badische Anilin- und Sodafabrik, 158n
Baeck, Leo (1873–1956), 169n
Bahn, Carlota B. de, 484n
Bahn, Otto, 484
Balfour Declaration, 17n, 254
Balfour, Lord Arthur J. (1848–1930), 17n, 255n
Bär, Richard (1892–1940): 152, 192; experi-
ments on fractional electron charge, 7n
Barbusse, Henri (1873–1935): 322, 323n, 331;
and Clarté movement, 103n, 321; signatory
of “Un Appel: Fière Declaration d’Intellec-
tuels,” 102
Barnard, E. E., 550c
Barth publishing house. See Publishers
Basel conference on Hebrew University. See He-
brew University
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