This listing contains abstracts of documents that belong to one of the following three cate-
gories: (1) known letters from and to Einstein (or those written or received by his secre-
tary, Ilse Einstein) that fall within this period and are excluded from the selection of texts
on grounds explained in the Editorial Method. Variants of documents that are presented as
texts do not appear here, nor do drafts that differ insignificantly from final versions that
are presented as texts; (2) letters written to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics
(KWIP) board of directors and board of trustees, and to the administration of the Kaiser
Wilhelm Society (KWG); (3) aphorisms and signed dedications by Einstein, and signed
dedications to Einstein by authors of books and articles.
See the List of Abbreviations for the abbreviations used here.
Vol. 5, 326a. To Jakob Ehrat [16–19 December 1911]
They will travel together from Winterthur to Prague. AKS (SzZuETH, Hs: 1509:4).
[92 967].
Vol. 7, 60a. To Berliner Tageblatt [before 8 July 1921]
Requests that the newspaper publish a note to the effect that the interview with the Nieu-
we Rotterdamsche Courant’s journalist was a conversation on his U.S. impressions,
which the journalist recorded from memory. The arbitrary cuts and emphases changed
the meanings to the opposite of what he had said. ADft in an unknown hand. Published
in the Berliner Tageblatt, 8 July 1921, ME, in a substantially altered and shortened ver-
sion. [43 243].
Vol. 12, 193a. From Walther Gerlach 27 July 1921
Requests grant from KWIP for research on band spectra of monatomic metal vapors. He
found a Paschen-type spectrometer for 8,000 Marks but he also lacked funds for photo-
plates and other materials. ALS (GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 3, Mappe Gerlach).
[78 043].
Vol. 12, 343a. From Fritz Weigert 28 December 1921
In response to AE’s (nonextant) letter of 13 December 1920, he appreciates AE’s pro-
posal on how to continue his experiments on light absorption and photochemical pro-
cesses in silver emulsions. Sends manuscript for comment. TLS. [45 216].
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