Page numbers in italics indicate editorial apparatus; page numbers followed by a lowercase
“n” indicate endnotes to Einstein documents; page numbers followed by a lowercase “a”
indicate references to the Calendar of Abstracts. References are collected under the appro-
priate English heading. Certain institutions, organizations, and concepts that have no stan-
dard English translation are listed under their foreign designation (with cross-references
from an English translation). For the meaning of abbreviations, see the List of Abbrevia-
tions. An Index of Citations follows the main index.
Aarau Cantonal School, Class of 1895,
25th anniversary of, welcome to AE, 350
Aardenne, Gijsbert van (1888–1983), 58, 75
Abraham, Max (1875–1922), 455; as candidate
for professorship at Technical University of
Aachen, 149
Academy of Sciences of Zaragoza. See Zaragoza
Acceleration, absolute vs. relative, 884
Actien Gesellschaft für Anilin Fabrikation, con-
tributes to Einstein-Spende, 817a
Adams, Edwin (1878–1956), 147, 263n; receives
manuscript of Einstein 1922c, 253
Action-at-a-distance, forces, 476
Addition of velocities, Quint on, 797a
Adiabatic hypothesis, 511
Adler, Cyrus (1863–1940), 726
Adler, Friedrich (1879–1960), 267, 268n
Aerial prospecting for water and ore, 49
Aguilar, Florestán, 586n
Aichi, Keiichi (1880–1923), 321n, 548, 570n,
571n, 601n
Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, 196n
Akita, Chugi, 407, 828a
on AE’s foreword to Japanese collection of pa-
pers, 508, 510, 816a
on planned lunch with AE and EE at Japanese
Embassy, 820a
Al Qantarah, 557, 561
Alcobe, Eduardo, 583n
Alexander, Jerome, asks AE to co-author book
on colloids, 823a
Alfonso XIII, King of Spain (1886–1941), lxx,
585n, 728, 729
Allbright, William, 578n
Allgemeine Elektricitätsgesellschaft
contributes to Einstein-Spende, 817a
legal dispute with Sannig & Co., 88
Allgemeine Transportgesellschaft, on AE’s lug-
gage, 583n, 831a
Alumni Association of Engineers and Architects,
Spain. See Asociación de Alumnos de Ingeni-
eros y Arquitectos de España
Álvarez-Ude, Jose, on Spanish edition of Ein-
stein 1917a, Einstein 1921c, Einstein 1922c,
818a, 819a
American Jewish Physicians Committee, visit
of, 329n
American Philosophical Association, funds phi-
losophy books and journals for European li-
braries, 810a
Ampère’s molecular currents and superconduc-
tivity, 174
Amsler & Ruthardt, on autographing AE’s por-
traits, 798a, 800a, 805a, 822a, 823a, 824a
Amsterdam, AE on, 289
Anschütz & Co., legal dispute with
Gesellschaft für nautische Instrumente, 212,
223, 254, 260, 271, 343–344, 377, 386, 412,
414, 795a, 796a; AE on, 383
Kreiselbau (Franz Drexler), 95–96
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