x x x i i L I S T O F I L L U S T R A T I O N S 14. Einstein and Elsa at the University of Commerce, Tokyo, with faculty including economist Tatsunosuke Ueda, 28 November 1922. (Courtesy Hitotsubashi University) 15. Students at Waseda University at reception for Einstein, 29 November 1922. (Courtesy Waseda University) 16. Einstein lecturing on relativity using variational calculus at the Department of Physics, the Tokyo Imperial University, early December 1922. (Courtesy the Estate of Kenji Sugimoto) 17. Sketch by Ippei Okamoto, “Albert Einstein oder die Nase als Gedanken- Reservoir” (“Albert Einstein or the nose as thought reservoir”), 4 December 1922. (Courtesy the Estate of Ippei Okamoto) 18. Einstein upon his arrival at Nagoya railway station, 7 December 1922. (Courtesy Estate of Kenji Sugimoto) 19. Nobel Prize in Physics, certificate, 10 December 1922. (Courtesy Albert Einstein Archives) 20. Nobel Prize in Physics, medal. (Courtesy Albert Einstein Archives) 21. Einstein and Elsa at Christmas ceremony for children at the Moji YMCA, 25 December 1922. (Courtesy the Estate of Kenji Sugimoto) 22. Einstein and Elsa on the SS Haruna Maru at Moji Port, 29 December 1922. (Courtesy JFHL, Hakata Library) 23. Jun Ishiwara with his family, May 1917. (Courtesy Yumiko Mori) 24. Elsa Einstein, Sir Herbert Samuel, Lady Samuel, Einstein, and others at Government House, Jerusalem, 6 February 1923. (Courtesy École Biblique, Jerusalem) 25. Einstein and Elsa inscribed in the “Golden Book” of the Jewish National Fund, 6 February 1923. (Courtesy Albert Einstein Archive) 26. Reception for Einstein and Elsa at Tel Aviv city hall, with Mayor Meir Dizengoff and members of the city council, 8 February 1923. (Courtesy Central Zionist Archive) 27. Reception for Einstein at the Spanish Royal Academy, with King Alfonso XIII, José Rodriguez Carracido, and Blas Cabrera, Madrid, 4 March 1923. (Courtesy Ullstein Bild) 28. Niels Bohr, 1922. (Courtesy Niels Bohr Archive) 29. Henri Barbusse, October 1923. (Courtesy TopFoto) 30. Bertrand Russell, mid-1930s. (Courtesy Bertrand Russell Archives) 31. Otto Stern. (Courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Segrè Collection) 32. Walther Gerlach, July 1935. (Archives of H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol. Courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives)
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