7 7 2 C H R O N O L O G Y 1 9 2 2 February 16 Proposes that the physical-mathematical class of the PAW award Wilhelm Haensch, owner of Franz Schmidt & Haensch, the silver Leibniz Medal. February 24 Lectures “On the Present State of the Problem of the Nature of Light” at the University of Berlin at a meeting organized by the Mathematisch-Physikalische Arbeitsgemeinschaft of the university. GyBHU, ASTA, Vol. 129, p. 161. March 8 Attends first session of the board of trustees of the PTR, and joins in discussion on the report of activities of Abteilung II on velocity of sound in gases. GyBPTB, No. 240.1, Vol. 2, p. 219. March 9 Attends second session of the board of trustees of the PTR. Becomes member of a commission to seek funds for the PTR from the Ministry of Finance takes part in discussion on the 1921 report of activities of Abteilung II on sound propagation in gases, and proposes for 1922 a study of reso- nance in dissociated gases to determine high reaction veloc- ities. Also proposes the continuation of his experiment on Ampère’s molecular currents at the PTR. The proposals are accepted. Kirsten and Treder 1979a, No. 85, and 1979b, p. 80, No. 289. Participates in discussion on the promotion of Alfred Schulze. GyBPTB, No. 240.2–241. Kirsten and Treder 1979b, p. 81, No. 290. March 18 Lectures at the Notgemeinschaft der deutschen Wissen- schaft on modern problems in science: atomic theory and electron and quantum theory. Berliner Tageblatt, ME Tägli- che Rundschau, ME. March 20 Harry Kessler dines at the Einsteins’ home. They discuss the U.S. trip and the upcoming Paris trip. AE gives a quick les- son in general relativity. Kessler 1961, pp. 278–280. March 28–April 10 Lecture visit to Paris. March 31 Plenary lecture at the Collège de France. Nordmann 1922b, pp. 131–140 Berliner Tageblatt, 1 April, ME. April Attends Alfred Bruneau’s L’Attaque du moulin at the Opéra Comique, and Jacques Offenbach’s Damnation de Faust at Concert Colonne. L’Intransigeant, 10 April 1922. Attends a reception given by Mrs. and Mr. Jean Becquerel. L’Intransigeant, 10 April 1922.
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