The symbols indicate the type of document available to the editors, and not the original document. AD Autograph Document ADSP Autograph Document Signed Printed (Facsimile) ADft Autograph Draft ADftS Autograph Draft Signed AKS Autograph Card or Postcard Signed AKSX Autograph Card or Postcard Signed, in Photocopy AL Autograph Letter ALS Autograph Letter Signed ALSX Autograph Letter Signed, in Photocopy ALP Autograph Letter Printed (Facsimile) AuD Audio Document Dft Draft DftS Draft Signed LS Letter Signed PAD Printed Autograph Document PD Printed Document PK Published Postcard PL Printed Letter PLS Printed Letter Signed TD Typed Document TDC Typed Document, in File Copy DESCRIPTIVE SYMBOLS
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