A priori concept
AE critical of Kantian concept of, lviii, 320,
AE on in lecture in Buenos Aires, 965
no reason to believe in equality of charges of
electron and proton, 621
Winternitz on, 242
Aardenne, Gijsbert W. van (1888–1983), 257n,
265n, 486n
AE on character of, 394
in love with Tatiana Ehrenfest, 262
Absolute differential calculus, 195
not explained by electromagnetic field equa-
tions, 269
role of in dispute between AE and Jordan, 644
absolute meaning of, 127
proportional to force, Galilei on, 725
real definition of, 517
Action principle, 73, 76
Action-at-a-distance, in Mach’s theory, AE on,
Adams, Walter (1876–1956), 511, 512, 857a
Adiabatic compression, and entropy of ideal gas,
lxx, 651
Adler, Friedrich (1879–1960), 832a
Adler, Saul (1895–1966), 605n
Adler, Victor, 832a
Aereboe, Friedrich, 181n
Afanassjewa, Catharina (1854–?), 223n
Affine field theory
AE on, xxxvii–xxxix, 84–88, 102, 194–198,
calculations on, 63, 65, 90
experimental proof of, 138
generalized wave equation, 155
interesting implications, 153
See also Weyl-Eddington theory
Aichi, Keiichi, 849a
atmospheric measurements done in, li, 556n,
See also Balloon; Boerner, Arno
Alberini, Coriolano (1886–1960), lxxxi, 693
Albert-Lazard, Louise (1884–1934), Winteler-
Einstein on condition of, 596–597
Alexander, Jerome
offers AE political refuge, 898a
requests condensed form of Einstein 1910d,
892a; sent, 898a
Alexander, Samuel, 882a
Allenby, Lord Edmund, 740n
Allgemeine Zeitung, 625; requests permission to
publish Einstein 1924e, 870a
Alliance israelite universelle, 278
Gesellschaft, Einstein Prize competition of,
844a, 848a
theory, AE on, 887a
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