Journals and newspapers without dates indicate an issue of the day of the entry. See the List of Abbreviations for the abbreviations used here. 1923 April 1 Statement on the plight of the KWIP (Doc. 1) is published, Vossische Zeitung. April 5 Agrees to join the Committee for the Reestablishment of Relations with Russian Scientists. April 12 Presents “Comment on My Paper ‘On the General Theory of Relativity’” (Doc. 13) at the PAW. William W. Campbell informs AE of the positive results of his eclipse expedition to Australia in September 1922. April 20–28 In Kiel. April 20 Impressions on his visit to Palestine (Doc. 20) is published in Hebrew (Einstein 1923j). after April 23 His resignation from the ICIC is published (Doc. 19). before April 27 Hendrik A. Lorentz selected as AE’s successor on the League of Nations’ ICIC. Vossische Zeitung, 27 April 1923, ME. May 1–15 In Leyden. May 9 Ilse Einstein suffers a severe colic attack. May 11 The English translation of his impressions on Palestine (Doc. 20) is published in The New Palestine (Einstein 1923t). May 16 Returns to Berlin. May 23 Arranges for 45,000 Swiss francs to be sent to Mileva Einstein-MariF to fund a deposit on a house in Zurich. May 31 His note on A. Friedmann’s paper on the curvature of space (Doc. 51) is received by the Zeitschrift für Physik. Presents “On the Affine Theory” (Doc. 52) at the PAW. CHRONOLOGY
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